The holiest of day trips

Day five… Thursday 6th April Our order of chocolate pastries was ready to collect from the shower block at 8.30am. Packed up the car and on the road by 9.30am. Joop and Elen? are following us on Instagram. Picked up supplies diesel and followed the A66 south to Seville. 2hrs 30mins. Decided to park in the city and walked into the centre to the river. Plenty of people dressed smartly.. the men in suits and tie and the women in black dresses and heels with traditional Spanish head dress for mourning attire as it was Maundy Thursday. There was a street procession of purple hooded robes, a drum beating and gold carriage with the figure of Christ marched through the streets. Hectic day to be in the city but great to see traditional Spanish culture and old buildings. Found a quiet park to walk through. Campsite was a short drive from the city next to a newly planted orchard. Friendly chickens and ducks roaming around. French couple in the next pitch not so friendly but may have been my bad attempt to practice my french on them.

Allen’s perspective…

Driving a couple hundred miles being fed crisps, chocolate, and water is a one way of getting across Spain. Although given the lack of sufficient air con the chocolate has been melting more so everyday. It didn’t help the dash was partially hanging off resulting in misdirected air con. I never quite got the radio installed until Seville, but I managed to perfect my carving skills with a Stanley knife and make the opening large enough to fit the new radio.

I also spent the time finishing the plumbing install (albeit not tested) and further playing with wires on the solar panels. Great success with our first pan of boiling water on the induction hob, giving Rach a cup of coffee. That went down well!

As for the fun and frivolities of Seville, well…. it was impressive to see. The parade was a hoot, and the city was beautiful. We walked around a reasonable chunk, but with the chaos of holy week happening around us we’ll need to return for sure.

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