Dawn raid at Bilbao

Day three… Slept well – yay! up early and about on deck before many passengers. sat drinking coffee watching us come into Bilbao harbour. 2nd car off the ferry. as the doors opened greeted to around 20 boarder staff standing there looking fierce. fully expected a raid – they were probably after a vehicle full for drugs or a wanted man. bit hair raising driving though Bilbao but parked right next to the museum (free for disabled parking but we managed to avoid a ticket just! nice walk along the river. Road down to Salamanca was quiet – took about 4 hours. Campsite just outside the town was right by the river with friendly staff. Stocked up on beer, wine, meat and cheese at the camp shop. Allen sussed out the fridge issue. Forgot the wine bottle opener (doh!) but borrowed from the neighbour who were brits from Oxford. evening walk along he river with lots of midges. Tent strip lighting was put up – looks fabulous!

Allen’s perspective….

Sight of the rozzers amused us and the people in the car next to us. We all suspect they were really after the incredibly drunken Irish lot who must of clearly been over the limit after 30 hours of constant drinking!

Bilbao was a worthy stop and although we didn’t go into the museum (time and cost) I really wanted to see the building. It’s a stunning Frank Gehry design which stands out in the midst of quite a beautiful (and clean) city.

We making incredible time 😉 down to Salamanca, but I ended up spending time trying to diagnose our power problems. The battery wasn’t charging from the alternator, nor the solar. Time for a bit of sleuthing with the multimeter. Thank god they had beer!

We left the next day not before experiencing the sound of a man I hope having a cold shower and finding it invigorating, else he had a very happy start to the day.

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