The journey begins!

Day one… left West Malling at 5pm. Excited nervous and exhausted! House all sorted for tenants and so many boxes taken to robs basement and the loft/shed at mum and dad’s. Very embarrassing how much I have and totally accept that I am a hoarder. Saying goodbye to mum and dad was ok we were all remarkably upbeat and cheerful. Just hoping the WiFi coverage in Africa is as good as expected so I can keep in touch as much as possible. Sun was shining and Sunday traffic was fine. Made good time to Portsmouth and sat in the queue. Found the bar and had 3 glasses of red wine much needed! Our cabin was clean comfortable with an ensuite yippee. Kept the bathroom light on to avoid total darkness.

Allen’s perspective….

Packing up the house was a nightmare. We were meant to leave on the Saturday but had to return first thing on the Sunday to take more stuff away. It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over the years! There was a moment with me saying to Rach how we can only fit one bag in the car, not three!

We managed to get back to West Malling okay, had a lovely lunch, and then off to the ferry. All fine until we realised we were on the ferry with lots of families, most of whom are Irish travellers. Those Irish travellers love to live up to their reputation and were drinking hard the whole time, with their kids running feral. The staff looked exhausted and the fellow passengers pleased anytime they could get even 5 minutes of peace away from the rabble. Thankfully we had peace at night unlike fellow passenger Keith who was banging on the wall at 3am!

Let’s hope we don’t meet them in Salamanca

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