Little England on the Med

Day six… I decided not to shower as the campsite only had one WC combined with a shower and someone was hammering on the door within 2 minutes. The 2 hour drive to Gibraltar was very easy through a national park – stunning views and mountains. Graham was waiting for us at the airport to meet us but the last mile towards the boarder crossing took 1hr 30m crawling slowly. Painful!! Poor Graham was patiently waiting. Combination of Easter weekend traffic and lack of border staff. Eventually found suitable parking for Greta. At 2.3m high she just exceeds the typical 2.1m height barriers. Sat on Graham and Angela’s balcony enjoying the views of the ships, private yachts and buzz of the restaurants. Lovely evening with Graham and Angela. We walked through the town and had a lovely dinner off a quaint square over a bridge. Early night as so tired but a proper bed was calling me.

Allen’s perspective…

Arriving at Gibraltar seemed like arriving at the Florida of Spain. Plenty of sun, boats, joggers, and old people. The only problem was it took over 1.5 hours to cross the border due to the usual… too few inept staff!

We did nip via the museum, which had a few things to help keep the British end up, although I was very confused by the order in which things have been displayed. They jumped all over the place date wise. There must be a higher power at play deciding the logic used.

And I am always amused by seeing Brits abroad in pubs eating British food. Might as well stayed at home in the local Weather spoons.

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