Who let the dogs out?

Day 216 and 217… Thursday 26th and Friday 27th October

Purchased eggs and sausages from the on-site butchery before heading south into Lusaka.  Our route took us on a by-pass avoiding the city centre traffic which is renowned for being bad.  There was a broken down lorry on the way causing mayhem but small vehicles were managing to squeeze through the irate line of lorry drivers stuck.  Visited a large builders warehouse to get some fabric glue for the tent.  The mosquitoes have been happily munching on us at night but this should stop the blood suckers.  None of the traffic lights in Lusaka were working so the system in place is ‘first to arrive gets priority’ which was slightly precarious.  Our campsite was out of town away from the noisy Great North Road.  Fellow campers from Austria, Sweden and Germany.  There were some big rigs.  Hot showers!  Stayed for 2 nights. 

(plenty of dogs too)

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