Camping amongst the cattle

Days 218, 219, 220… Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th, Monday 30th October

Headed into Lusaka with all its crazy traffic.  There were sellers at the side of the road holding up puppies for sale.  Another very hot day.  Found solace in an air conditioned shopping mall.  Our campsite for 3 nights was away from the city in a field of Angolan cattle who would graze close to us and munch on the tree leaves near our tent.  The friendly owners were a British couple who had lived in Zambia for 17 years.  We had access to a rondevill with a shower/wc.  Visited a local brewery for lunch.  Part of a brand new golf/hotel/spa leisure complex.  Each night a loud meowing cat attempted to get into our tent.  Fearful of fleas and all the other inspects we would be letting in, we had to refrain from taking pity and she remained outside.  The cat was persistent and had an impressive ability to climb up the tent ladder and claw at the tent door.  Allen resorted to chasing her away several times.  Discovered the cat belonged to the neighbour who was currently away and that she had been terrorising previous guests.

Allen’s perspective…

I hated that cat! That cat was incessant. Meowing for hours non stop! I pushed it off the car on a few occasions and was chasing it around in the dark, completely oblivious to any risk of spiders, snakes, or other nasties. Give me a dog to deal with any day.

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