Hustled for a church fundraiser

Day 215… Wednesday 25th October

Zambia celebrated their independence day from the British yesterday.  Drums and music could be heard from Kabwe the nearby town.  The night before last, we had seen the preparation in town outside the district offices.  Military personal were arriving to take part in the celebrations and Sydney explained that the British flag is lowered and the Zambian flag is raised.  The road heading into Lusaka was very busy after the national holiday.  Stuck behind slow moving lorries and poor roads with deep grooves in the tarmac.  Several military and police check points in place but no problems.  One police officer stopped us and was assisting a church fund raiser with a choir singing at the roadside.  We gave some small change.  Another very hot day.  37 degree Celsius.  Our campsite at Fringilla Lodge was 300 kwacha (£12).  Nice shady spot under large trees.  Cattle in the next door field just metres from our tent.  A bar and restaurant on site. 

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