Independence Day

Day 213… Monday 23rd October

No water available in the shower block this morning.  Very hot day today.  Sat under the awning but still hot in the shade.  38 Degrees Celsius.  Drove back to Kabwe with several Chinese trucks returning to the quarry.  Met with Sydney (Lonely’s younger brother) at the Fig Tree café for lunch.  Sat in the shady garden enjoying milkshakes.  Had a tour around Mulungushi University where Syndey ‘s wife works and his daughter attends.  Our campsite ‘Palm Farm’ was just outside Kabwe and found it just as it was getting dark (had to phone the owner for directions).  HUGE spiders and ants around.  Took refuge in the tent.  Despite the gigantic insects and the tiniest of frogs in the WC, we extended our stay for an extra night.  Peaceful campsite and friendly owners who gave us dried banana pieces.  There were two friendly campsite dogs who loved attention.  A fellow guest from Namibia staying in the farm cottage and working locally, gave us a large piece of Citrine from his personal rock collection to celebrate our upcoming nuptials.

Allen’s perspective…

I took the downtime as a chance to rotate the tyres, something I should have done long ago. But damn it was hot. I don’t recommend doing this in 35c weather!

It was Zambia’s independence day whilst we stayed here, so everything was shut down for the day. At midnight they apparently took down the Union flag and raised the Zambian one. During the day we could heard traditional drums beating in the distance. Thought it best for two Brits to not drive around town waving at the crowds like the Royal Family, we might get chased out of town 😂

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