Down by the lake

Day 212… Sunday 22nd October

Drove to Kabwe 2 and half hours further west.  Found a Shoprite – the largest supermarket seen in several weeks.  Plenty of choice and products available.  Card payment possible.  More commercial activity and lorries evident – block paviours, construction and agricultural equipment (namely tractors).   Intense rain and thunderstorm in the afternoon.  The road suddenly emptied of vehicles.  There was no one around at our intended campsite for the night and after reviewing options available, there were 2 possible campsites both 1 hour drive away in opposite directions.  Decided to head to the boating club next to a lake accessed along a ‘D’ Road.  Dirt road about to be upgraded by the Chinese and we drove past a large construction compound.  Very small rural settlements with houses of brick construction and thatched roofs.  Chickens, tomatoes and coal being sold at the side of the road.  Parked at the gated entrance of the boat club and wandered around trying to find someone.  Eventually a chap appeared and was very friendly.  It was a lovely camp spot overlooking the lake.  Very peaceful with the odd fisherman in a canoe and birdlife to watch. 

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