Lets get out of here

Day 210… Friday 20th October

Drove out of Kasanka National Park with several Tsetse flies who had manged to get into Greta and continued to bite us all morning.  Found a working ATM in the next town and stocked up on fresh veg in ‘Choppies’ which accepted card payment.  A small boy followed Allen all around the shop.  A much improved Great North Road heading west.  One road toll point on route (20 kwacha) and the road tax certificate gets stamped every time.  Our campsite ‘Fika Lodge’ was in a shady treed setting just off the main road.  No flies around.  Bar, restaurant and laundry service available.  Stayed for 2 nights.

Allen’s perspective…

Glad to have left that place… it was difficult to do anything because of the flies.

Driving down from the north we’ve come across a lot more large and quirky bugs, including this colourful one:

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