A seemingly biblical plaque of flies

Day 209… Thursday 19th October

Plagued by Tsetse flies – huge biting flies that can cause sleeping sickness in humans and cattle.  Took a 3 hour drive around the west part of the national park and saw many Puku.  No other vehicles and just the odd ranger walking with a gun.  Marsh buck visible from our camp spot.  The tsetse flies are a complete pest and bite through clothes.  Allen was then bitten by a vampire moth that caused a nasty puncture wound with blood, and later found a HUGE spider in the ablution block.  I refused to go back in the block after that.   Looking forward to escaping this place. 

Allen’s perspective…

I tried to go for a shower in the rather rustic shower block, carefully looking around for bugs with the torch, only to receive a sharp bite to the back of my neck. I reached around and swatted something to the floor. Swearing profusely I stumbled back to the car clutching my slightly painful and bleeding neck. After receiving a bit of care from nurse Dickson 😊 I went back to find a blob of remains which after some detection work we figured out was a rather large vampire moth… the cheeky little bugger.

Later in the day I needed a trip to the loo and being more careful I took the torch with me. I then found a giant spider in the ceiling looking over the toilet. Suffice to say that I’m avoiding the toilets!

Oh, and this is a rubbish park:

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