The end of the road… for the Caprivi at least

Day 151… Sunday 20th August

The roads in Namibia have been by far the best on this trip along with South Africa.  Our route since Cape Town has been mainly smooth tarred roads and with the rear suspension now fixed, purchasing eggs that do not break on route has been successful.  Even glass jars though Nigeria and Cameroon did not stay intact.  After a scrambled egg breakfast and paying up at reception, we set off to cover a 4.5 hour drive time further east.  Travelled though Caprivi Game Park with gated entrances and no park fees to pay.  The road warning signs showed elephants and hyenas.  Alas none to be seen.  Part of our route went along a recently constructed gravel road for several miles.  There were no other vehicles using this route and we managed to avoid a major town.  Our campsite (pre-booked for 2 nights) was located on the Chobe river looking across to Botswana.  Spent a couple of hours watching the landscape and mammals roaming around with a pair of binoculars.  There were Giraffe, Impala, water buck and several colourful bird species.  The campsite had a well-stocked bar and buffet style restaurant so we treated ourselves that evening. 

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