Time for a swim?

Day 150… Saturday 19th August

Drove one hour further east to our next campsite Ngepi booked for one night only due to limited availability.  Tar roads along this section of the Caprivi Strip.  Cattle and goats crossing the road on several occasions.  Very little traffic.  Our riverside campsite pitch was a good spot for watching hippos and several bird species.  Also noticed a crocodile was nestled into the bankside about 3 metres away which was a tad too close for me!  The campsite was quirky with tree covered walks, humorous signs and a small swimming pool in the river enclosed by mesh wiring to keep out the predators.  Swimming was at your own risk.  I was not even tempted to dip a toe in.  A gigantic lizard with a body about 1m long and a tail the same length crossed our path and disappeared into the bushes.   It was an impressive sight.  Over the last several days, Wi-Fi has been sporadic and unpredictable.  Useful for advance bookings and keeping in touch but not having it available has really encouraged ‘downtime’ and plenty of reading.  Back to mosquito territory and bites again so the mosquito repellent has become a daily essential. 

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