Howick Falls

Day 159… Friday 8th December

This part of South Africa has incredible scenery with beautiful mountain ranges.  The roads are not so good (many potholes) but certainly worth the views.  Greta’s engine warning light came on and decided to stop at Greytown which was the next available larger town with a car repair garage found on google maps.  Problem resolved and not too much delay.  Stopped at Howick Falls in Howick.  Visited The Nguni Guy near Lions River selling animal hides.  Nice café next door for a spot of lunch.  Our campsite for the night was next to Mooi River at Riverside Manor.

Allen’s perspective…

The warning light was apparently to do with the alternator. This was no doubt caused by the scenic but incredibly bad road knocking the sensor loose. The garage we stopped at were very helpful and quick. Since clearing the error code it hasn’t come back which is good.

In other news… I bought a zebra hide! It may put some of you off but I’ve wanted one for years and now finally have one. I’m very chuffed.

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