A foggy start to the day

Day 160… Saturday 9th December

6 friendly ducks during breakfast.  One of them cheekily helped itself to my coffee.  Chose a scenic road heading west into the Drakensberg.  Very dense fog for about 1 hour.  Visibility terrible so slow progress but hardly a passing car.  Very mountainous drive.  Once the fog cleared and the sunshine came out, the views were incredible.  Part of the road was under construction and we drove past several piles of large rocks and raised gravel sections.  A couple of vehicles we past were struggling to manoeuvre.  Greta of course was tenacious and performing even better after an oil change in Newcastle and a new air filter.  Only 1,500 miles to go before Greta’s retirement!  The induction hob this morning decided to stop working so no hot drinks.  However, a phone repair shop in Underberg were superb and the loose wiring was soldered back together.  The roads over the last two days have been fairly brutal with Greta and her contents shaken around.  This has caused three problems:

  1. Alternator battery error message to appear
  2. Induction hob wiring to disconnect
  3. A burst beer can in the rear drawer which makes the back canopy smell like a brewery.

Stopped for coffee and cake at Ballam River Deck.  Great top deck with views of the river Mzimkhulu. Our campsite for one night was busy – many campers all squeezed in.  Managed a braai despite the rain.

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