Grand Theft Agadir

Day thirteen… Very clean showers and hot water this morning!  Another 5 hour drive planned.  More desert like conditions before a greener landscape heading towards Agadir.  Roads were busier especially heading into the city.  Chaotic driving conditions with pedestrians trying to cross, cyclists, cart and donkeys, and commercial lorries all jostling for space.  Came across a collision with a herd of goats involving a lorry and two cars.  Needless to say, the goats came off worse poor things.  Stopped off for supplies and found cheap diesel for the jerry cans.  All sorted now for western Sahara.  Our campsite at Tifnite was a welcome respite with a bar and restaurant.  Sat chilling with a nice cold beer and mobbed by flies.

Allen’s perspective…

This was a more boring driving day, until we reached Agadir. This was a chance to flex my skills and do my best at dodging everything flying at us. It took me back to playing Grand Theft Auto at full speed, except this time we had some of Rachaels dubious choice in music playing on the stereo!

We did get to see the Noor 3 Concentrated Solar Power Station from the road which was cool.

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