Slap on the wrist for being too quick

Day 14… Up at 6am today as the campsite had several deliveries of hardcore where they are still completing areas of the campsite.  Completely understand the need to start early before the heat if the day sets in.  Drove further south around 200 miles to El Ouatia on the coast.  The N1 road was quiet and was being upgraded for several miles so fairly rough surface in parts.  Landscape very dry and dusty.  Western Sahara is getting closer.  No health and safety in place for the road construction workers.  Passed several diggers within  2 metres of us working away.  Stopped twice by the police – 1st for speeding (ok – fair) but the 2nd time was a blatant attempt to extract money when we had been crawling along.  Apparently we had been clocked at 69km/hour – our outrage was clear and they decided to wave us on.  Campsite very basic by western standards but with a hot shower which is a luxury.  Right on the beach and the sound of waves crashing all night was therapeutic. 

Allen’s perspective…

From this point on the road begins to get boring, with expectations of nothing interesting for 4-5 days. We did get pulled over by some over zealous police officers for speeding by a couple of miles an hour, but they were incredibly friendly and professional, even with my non existent French.

Since then I’ve been keeping a low speed and all has been well.

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