Head on down the mountains

Day twelve… Sat overlooking hills with a strong Moroccan coffee in hand – bliss! Waved goodbye to our friendly hosts and set off with more mountain roads to conquer.  Although steep and windy, these roads were properly surfaced and wider so much more at peace today.  More stunning mountain passes and fascinating architecture.  Stayed at a campsite in Tazentout with a bar and WiFi. A cold beer hit the spot.

Allen’s perspective…

Very little to add to this day except that the campsite we arrived at in the afternoon was a great departure from where we had stayed the night before. Whilst our hosts at Msemrir we overly attentive, they were very friendly and happy to happy at all times. Well, at Tazentout we were greeted by another grumpy French chap seemingly unwilling to be friendly to us or any other guests who came by reception. And calling it a campsite is doing it a justice, since it was nothing more than a car park. But it was okay, the toilets were clean, and there was hot water. Small wins!

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