Fish River Canyon

Day 98… Sunday 9th July

It was a very cold start to the day – hat and gloves needed for the Namibian desert.  The outdoor shower had a view and hot water but incredibly bracing experience with the brutal icy winds.  Drove to the owner’s farmhouse a short drive away and paid up.  Had a nice chat.  Their son-in law is British and works in London.  Drove through Gondwana Nature Park created in 1968.  Several animals had recently been relocated here.  Saw ostrich, Eland, Kipslinger and Giraffe.  Paid $350 Namibian dollars (£15) park entry fee and drove to Fish River Canyon.  Stopped at a viewing point – incredible canyon formed millions of years ago.  Stated at Ai-Ais campsite which was busy but it had cold beer on tap and wine by the glass.  Very cheap.  Met a lovely Afrikaner couple at the neighbouring pitch and we shared our views of travelling in Africa around a campfire.  They live on a farm and produce speciality cheese and beer.  We will be booking in for a visit in a few weeks time. 

Allen’s perspective…

Holy moly it’s cold here. Getting colder the further south we go, but it’s most likely worse here due to being in the desert. Let’s hope Cape Town is warmer!

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