South to South Africa

Day 99… Monday 10th July

Hot showers in the campsite – always a blessing.  A few miles of sandy corrugated roads and then tar with more dramatic rock formations that frame the desert landscape.  It really is impressive and one of my favourite countries on this trip so far.  Very few cars on the road.  The Namibian/South African border was very quiet.  Only one couple in front of us.  The 3 month tourist visa was stamped in (no charge) and the immigration officer advised if we wanted to stay longer we would need to apply for an extension to the visa.  The border crossing at Vioolsdrif had only just reopened due to recent extreme flooding damage.  There was a diversion in a place as huge chunks of the road had fallen away.  Found a working ATM (South African rand which can be used in Namibia as it has exactly the same value but the Namibian dollar cannot be used in South Africa).  Our campsite for the evening was west of Steinkopf surrounded by mountains in a greener landscape compared with Namibia.  This area is famous for its flowers in August so we were a little early but will return up this way in early August to see them in bloom.  Followed a sandy track for 10km off the main road to the campsite set behind a farm house.  The Afrikaner owner was very friendly.  Peaceful spot but strong winds and very cold.  Hats, gloves and warm layers are needed for this part of Africa in winter (July – September). 

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