Catching up with an old friend

Day 155… Thursday 24th August

Decided to extend our stay in Livingstone to catch up with Linda, a fellow Brit who has lived and worked in Africa for many years now.  Changed the accommodation for the evening as the mosquitoes next to the Zambezi river are a menace.  Apparently the council use to regularly spray the swamps to reduce the numbers but this has not been done for 2 years.  The change of venue to Olga’s guest house was a blessing with a beautiful garden area.  Very few mosquitoes just several feral kittens.  A very hot day sitting in the shade.  Took a walk to the insurance office to purchase the pink card to cover Greta for this region of Africa.  Apparently Comesa have recently changed the rules and the advice was to purchase insurance at the border.  Went out for dinner with Linda and Ally.  Sat outside and the staff provided us with insect repellent and burners.  The mosquitoes are taking over Livingstone!  I no doubt swallowed a few during dinner.  Despite this, it was a great evening. 

Allen’s perspective…

It was great to see Linda again. She was working at the car hire firm ‘Hemingways’ back on our last big trip in 2013, and is such a character, with many stories to share about her years in Africa. It was fun to catchup and share our experiences, good and bad. I’m sure we’ll catch up again one day.

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