A long way to Lusaka

Day 156… Friday 25th August

A 7 hour drive to Lusaka today.  The plan was to split the drive time over 2 days but these long days of driving seem to be a regular occurrence.  Set off early and purchased 2 metal red warning triangles from a roadside stall.  Apparently, the plastic ones do not meet the legal requirements in Zambia and given the anticipated police stops, it was not worth the risk of a hefty fine.  Having travelled this road in 2013, the ‘road rehabilitation works’ were evident and there was a smooth tar road for most of the way.  Stopped for lunch at Coffeeberry café recommended by Ron.  A little green oasis along a hot dusty route.  Traffic in Lusaka terrible – traffic lights were not working and traffic police were directing amongst the fumes and heat.  It took an hour to cover 3 miles.  Staying in a nice modern hotel for 4 days 😊

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