Where’s the Interpol stamp?

Day 206… Monday 16th October

We knew the great north road was going to be bad having read reviews from fellow travellers.  Many potholes and slow-moving lorries. Progress was slow. A 5-hour drive to Kapishya Hot Springs with a couple of military check points on the way. One officer asked to see the Interpol check document issued at the Zambia border. The last Interpol check was in August when we first entered Zambia and the stamped document was retained by the official. The poor chap was suffering in the heat and I don’t think he had seen a carnet document before.  He eventually let us continue. Tried to find a working ATM in the smaller towns  without success. The ‘D’ Roads off the main highway are in extremely poor condition and occasionally impassable. Google’s suggested route was a no-goer and we had to turn around.  Luckily Kapishya Hot Springs campsite accepted card payments. The hot springs certainly live up their name and is a popular tourist attraction. After so many special campsite spots on this trip with no other fellow campers to share it with, perhaps we have been spoilt.

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