Pitter patter of rain

Day 207… Tuesday 17th October

Intense rain and thunderstorms last night.  Didn’t get much sleep despite the use of earplugs.  Drove back through the vast estate of Shiwa Ngandu Manor House built by an Englishman Stewart Gore-Brown in 1913.  He contributed much to the local community and built schools and hospitals.  He became a Zambian citizen and had a state funeral on his death.  Sadly we didn’t get the chance to tour around the main house but the outbuildings are impressive.  Back on the Great North Road (not so great) and 2 and half hour drive to Mpika, a small town.  Managed to find a working ATM for cash, eggs and bread.  Our campsite ‘Bayama’s lodge’ was a nice set up, serving delicious food.  Treated ourselves to lunch and breakfast.

Allen’s perspective…

We’ve now begun to come across other European overlanders, with their massive, oversized, over priced ‘rigs’ usually made out of ex-military vehicles or commercial lorries. We’re now beginning to get sniffed at since we don’t have a ‘serious’ overlanding vehicle… even those ours weighs significantly less and can go through more challenging situations. Lets hope Greta keeps on going 🤞🏻

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