We’re going how fast?

Day 179… Sunday 17th September

Drove to Bagamoyo on the coast.  Had an encounter with a police officer about speeding.  Bagamoyo is an historic German East African trading port in the 18th century with fascinating architecture.  Camped in the beautiful treed gardens of Travellers Lodge.  High humidity and many mosquitoes – bites galore.

Allen’s perspective…

Well, more dodgy rozzers! This time we were pulled over and shown a photo of the car going through a 50 sign apparently driving at 66kph. This speed stop was warned about on iOverlander, so we were expecting something.

Now, I accept I may have been slightly above 50kph but there was no way I was doing 66. He claimed that being a foreign plate we cannot be automatically processed and would have to pay a fine there and then. Preposterous! So I politely challenged the officer, asking about his speed camera, when and where it was last calibrated, if it’s calibration can be trusted, if any ‘fine’ were to be paid can it be done at a bank instead (thats a thing here apparently) or can we can a receipt, and making it clear that I have been doing my very best to keep within the speed limits as displayed. After a few minutes of this he gave up and let us go, just advising to keep to the speed limit.

Keep in mind that every time we come across police officers I now call them ‘sir’ a lot and try to be as polite and respectful as I possibly can, and it has paid off once again.

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