Decadent days in Dar

Days 180 – 183… Monday to Thursday 18th to 21st September

Headed south to Dar es Salaam to catch up with our neighbour Mark who lives a few doors down from us in Canterbury.  He lives and works in Dar for most the year but was jumping on a plane that evening to the UK so unfortunately we only had a brief catch up.  Thank you Mark for having us to stay in your absence, meeting up with your friends and for your recommendations.  Highlights of Dar include:

  • The Waterfront and Cape Town Fish Market for impressive views of Msasani Bay
  • Bar in Dar with live music
  • National Museum and House of Culture with an exhibition on the work of archaeologists Louis and Mary Leaky.
  • Cigar Lounge
  • Zen Spar
  • Epi d’or, Kind Earth Eatery, Jackies Bar and Olive Restaurant for delicious food.
  • Q2 bar for Karaoke.

Allen’s perspective…

We had a few great highlights of our few days in Dar Es Salaam. Mark’s friend Bairem was superb. We went out in the evenings a few times with him and met up with some other expats there for work. One night we ended up at the top of a five star hotel in a cigar lounge, alongside the Russian ambassador, and we were advised not to say anything about the Ukraine conflict whilst there. Didn’t help I think I agitated the same chap who offered this advice as when he asked us about the war and I said how there is so much news coverage back home that we were a little bit bored of it already, at which point he mentioned he is married to a Russian and it is causing great upset….. oh dear… onwards and upwards 🙂

On another night we met up with a Bairem again, and British couple who have been in Dar for a decade now. It was interesting getting to share our thoughts on Tanzania and Africa. That night ended at 2:30am after a heavy night and some very bad karaoke.

Dar is an interesting city now. Very, very developed compared with 10 years ago, and overall quite impressive. Tanzania is definitely going places.

Oh, and Mark has a feisty but adorable little cat.

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