Vino in the vineyard

Day 91… Sunday 2nd July

Beautiful small campsite on a vineyard surrounded by mountains.  Our pitch had its own braai, shelter, table, tap and sink.  Very peaceful once a large group of Afrikaners left early in the morning.  Lots of bird life and sheep wandering through.  Opportunity to clean out the car and do some laundry.  Booked in for wine tasting at 5pm.  Only 1 of 5 vineyards on the country who grow their own grapes, bottle them and sell them to the local market.  Sampled some delicious wine with platters of cheese, bread and meats.  Met a Dutch couple who were on a 2 week self-drive around Namibia. 

Allen’s perspective…

I made use of this day to fix the drawers which had become broken and requiring a lot of force to open and close. Taking everything out of the back I tried a whole host of things but eventually found a solution which worked. But in investigating the problem it was apparent that the trip so far had caused a lot of damage, including a lot of 2metal components having sheared in two. If I did this again I would get the frame welded together and spend more money on heavier, more durable components. Live and learn I guess.

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