Stay left… left… left…

Day 90… Saturday 1st July

Finally Greta is fixed and we were on-route to Namibia.  Set off early (6.45am) as we had a long day ahead covering 512 miles plus the Angolan/Namibia border crossing to deal with.  Peaceful drive through the city with hardly a car or person around.  Lubango is framed by mountains and with the sun still rising it was a beautiful scene.  A chilly start to the day and jumpers were needed.   The roads to the border were mostly smooth although some the potholes were huge.  Now that Greta’s rear suspension has been fixed, the ride is much smoother and more comfortable.  Saw several abandoned rusty tanks (a reminder left over from the civil war).  The Angolan/Namibian border crossing took 1 hour 15 minutes.  Long queue at the Namibia immigration office but only a simple form to fill in and no visa cost involved.  Whilst waiting, a small child became fascinated by Allen and wanted to hold his hand.  Back to the English language (at last!!).  Such a joy to be able to communicate easily.  Able to pay the road tax levy with Visa – another joy!  The currency here is Namibian Dollar (NAD) and stopped off at the first available bank to get out local currency.  Long queues and the security guard was helping a customer which seemed to take forever.  Allen of course remained very patient.  Back to driving on the left – first country since leaving the UK.  The drive to our campsite was around Etosha National Park.  Beautiful mountains and with the threat of darkness descending, Greta had to move at her top speed of 80mph to get us there before dark. The roads are exceptional and had very little traffic.  One gate stop was for veterinary purposes and our fridge was inspected for raw meat.  If they find any you either have to cook it there and then and consume it or it will get confiscated.  We made it to our campsite only just in the last glimmer of light and put up the roof top tent in the dark. 

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