Views on Kenya

  • Very green rolling hills (a reminder of the English countryside).
  • Rain in the evenings and hot/muggy during the day.  Cold at night.
  • Carrots, honey, cabbages and tomatoes being sold at the side of the road.
  • Rich agricultural land – many crops growing
  • Huge tea plantations
  • Houses in the rural areas well built with render. 
  • High rise development in Nairobi and bad traffic
  • Exceptional roads but very little signage and road markings.  Plenty of speed bumps to slow traffic down.
  • Cattle and goats at the side of the road are tied up so no cattle crossing the road.
  • Very friendly people
  • Police officers ware blue uniforms.  No attempt to stop us.
  • Towns and villages are a hive of activity with a variety of businesses and signage.

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