Van life

Living out of a Toyota Hilux has some benefits.  It has only been 3 weeks but slowly finding where everything is and re-packing/unpacking to get it better organised.  It is quite a relief to know the essential item you are looking for is exactly where you remember it is without searching through the entire vehicle.  Everything now has a home.  Getting packed up in the morning and setting up at night is noticeably faster each day.  The tent takes around 3 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to put away.

Daily chores:

  • Re-fill water bottles (pink job)
  • Cooking dinner (pink job)
  • Setting up camp chairs (pink job)
  • Unpack bedding (pink job)
  • Hand washing clothes (shared)
  • Putting up roof-top tent (blue job)
  • Tyre pressure (blue job)
  • Vehicle maintenance (blue job)
  • Set up awning (shared)
  • Washing up (shared)
  • Put up lights in tent (blue job)

I have not looked in a mirror since Gibraltar – quite liberating!

Highlights so far

  • A working fridge
  • Solar panels to feed the induction hob, lights and phone charger.  All self- sufficient and no energy bills.
  • Hand washing clothes.  The novelty has not yet worn off.
  • Very few insect bites so far…

Lowlights so far

  • Only 1 hob so one-pot dinners need to be creative.
  • When flies descend
  • Dust and/or sand everywhere

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