Time to hit the brakes

Days 20 and 21 (21st and 22nd April)… Zebrabar campsite is a really nice place just outside St Louis so we decided to stay for another 2 nights.  It is a peaceful spot right by the sea with plenty of shade, a bar and a restaurant.  Met fellow travellers from Austria, Switzerland and Germany who could all converse in 1 or 2 other languages – it puts us Brits to shame!  Plenty of rest and reading.  Marcus shared a bottle of Pastis – strong stuff.

Allen’s perspective…

It was finally a chance for me to dig though the vehicle and find / fix things. I managed to fix the wiring on the solar panels (a little African style with some bolts, electrical tape, and duct tape), began to test and wrap up the water tank for some of the on coming countries where it is really required, and fixed back on the driver side front mud flap. The car is coming together quite nicely.

Zebrabar has been a nice break from the desert driving, and it really feels like sub Saharan Africa now. The self service bar has been a real treat, with the first chance of alcohol in days.

Just a shame we have to leave for Dakar in a few days to get the Carnet stamped and hopefully a visa for Ivory Coast approved.

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