Tropic of Capricorn: Part deux

Day 146… Tuesday 15th August

Set off fairly early with a flask of hot coffee in hand.  Covered 416 miles today – a long day.  Plenty of designated rest stops in Namibia at the side of the road and we stopped for lunch under a large shady tree  (bacon sarnies made at the crack of dawn).  The temperature in Namibia is hotting up.  Back to taking anti-malaria pills.  Greta’s air-com system is verging on dismal.  It often just blows hot air out. Something we ought to have probably got fixed before leaving the UK.  Only one police stop today – driving licence was requested and the receipt for road tax fund paid at the border.  Our campsite Gastefarm Elisenheim was quiet.  There was excellent cold beer and dinner at the German restaurant next door.  Baboons were wondering around but separated from us by an electric fence.  They can really be pesky and like to sit on the car (memories of the last trip in 2013).  A friendly Doberman sat by our campfire all evening. 

Allen’s perspective…

We crossed the Tropic of Capricorn for the second time, albeit on a different road this time. I almost missed it and had to break a little firmer than usual to turn off in time. We reckon we will cross possibly three more times on our trip, depending on our plans for Botswana.

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