Travel to Tilivu

Day 185… Saturday 23rd September

Heading north towards Arusha, northern Tanzania.  Slow moving lorries but no police stops.  The police are easy to spot in their smart white uniforms.  They stop lorries but simply wave us on.  A shorter 4 hour drive today.  Greener flatter landscape surrounded by mountains.  Crazy bus and coach drivers travelling at speed and overtaking dangerously.  Very surprised we have not witnessed a road traffic accident.  A couple of lorries flipped on their sides and one had shed its gravel load, partially blocking the road.  The driver was painstakingly trying to clear it all up with a spade.  The police were in attendance.  Beautiful campsite grounds tonight at ‘Tulivu Kilimanjaro Retreat’.  A large garden with exceptional facilities and friendly staff.  Slightly on the pricier side at 15 US dollars per person but we are in close proximity to Kilimanjaro.  Unfortunately for us, there was no view available due to heavy rain and cloud cover.

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