Third times a charm

Days 186 and 187… Sunday 24th and Monday 25th September

The journey heading west into Arusha was very slow due to may slow moving lorries and difficulty overtaking them.  Local traffic choose to drive at the on-coming traffic and move in at the very last moment.  Witnessed a couple of near misses.  Arushas has hugely developed since last visits in 2013 and 2018.  It is a vibrant bustling town with better roads.  Stayed at Planet Lodge for a couple of days for some R&R.  Greta has been booked into a local garage as the battery indicator light remains on.

Allen’s perspective…

When we left Lushoto the brake system warning light unexpectantly came on, which now accompanied the battery warning light. The handbrake was working fine and the brake pedal was okay, so we pushed onto Arusha. Through iOverlander we found a garage with lots of good reviews, and the chap there was really helpful in fixing Greta. The battery warning light was being caused by the duff alternator we had installed in Zambia which wasn’t working correctly. Swapping that out fixed the issue, initially, but that one had to be replaced also. All is fine now, but four alternators on the trip so far, our third one installed on the trip. With some other tweaks we are back to only the ABS warning light, which is fine 🙂

Three times to Arusha and three new alternators… all good fun!

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