Out of Africa

Day 190 Thursday 28th September

Visited the Karen Blixen museum where she lived from 1910 to 1931.  Great tour around the house, gardens and coffee factory.  I must read the book ‘Out of Africa’ which she wrote, based on her life here and re-visit the film.  Drove up to Lake Nakuru National Park.  Paid park fees of 60 US dollars each per day and drove to our lodge within the park.  Spotted Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Baboons and monkeys.  Alas no lions.  Stunning views of the lake from our balcony.

Allen’s perspective…

Kenya is quite a change from other countries we have been through on our trip so far, in a good way. But one thing that drove me nuts today, twice, was paying entry fees. For both the museum and the national park we were asked to login to the Kenyan ecitizen website and make payment there. A frustrating process since we don’t have a sim card, we’ve had to use their wifi or hotspot off someone’s phone, go through a painful login process, find the right form and then spend ages filling it out, before hoping one of our bank cards would work. I get it, most visitors to these places are part of organised groups whose agents sort this out in advance for them, but in trying to be clever they’ve made it a chore for everyone else. Clearly a process designed from above without any ground level experience.

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