Muddle on through Mwanza

Days 198/199… 6th and 7th October

A leisurely start to the morning as the route to Lake Victoria was fairly short compared to the longer days recently done.  Stopped off in Mwanza for supplies (phone data at a Vodacom shop, food in a mini-market and bread from a bakery).  Traffic into Mwanza was slow although the traffic lights (when working) helped to keep the traffic flowing.  Figured out that red flashing traffic lights are a sign that they are not working.  In terms of food available on the road, we have simply stocked up when the opportunity allows.  Pasta, noodles, tinned veg, sausages, corned beef and beans have become a staple.  Our small fridge is still working and gets stocked up with refillable water bottles, cheese, fresh fruit and veg.  Cold drinking water has been a great luxury on this trip along with fresh bread when available.  The supermarkets have been wildly different to home.  Shelves can sometimes be empty and there is a limited choice and range of local produce.  Our route included a ferry across Lake Victoria as the bridge was under construction.  Paid 6500 Tanzanian Shillings (£2.11) and the ferry crossing was around 40 minutes.  Very little wait time and the loading of vehicles and passengers was quick.  There were food sellers with baskets/goods carried on their head.  Samosas are a popular snack in East Africa and readily available.  Google directions off the main road unhelpfully took us to a quarry but after asking for directions, found the correct route to Rocky Bay Resort.  Our campsite pitch overlooked Lake Victoria and had recently been constructed to a high specification by the owner, a South African engineer.  Many lizards.  Stayed for 2 days.

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