Back to the west of old

Day 200… Sunday 8th October

Drove to Kibondo. Heading west near the border with Burundi.  Road building in progress with sections of newly laid tar, grading and dirt road diversions.  Very little traffic.  Drive time 5 hours. Stopped for fuel and cash.  Cash payments only at fuel stations and accommodation.  Card payments not always possible and more problematic in eastern Tanzania.  Fuel expensive at £1.18 per litre. Not many campsite options in this part of Tanzania but the hotels are functional and cost effective.  Our ‘Swidish Modern Hotel’ for the night had secure parking, a bar and restaurant.  The security guard washed Greta – she was gleaming afterwards after all the dirt roads.  Hot shower and air con – a luxury.

Allen’s perspective…

Although we are technically in East Africa, the further west we go in Tanzania the more it feels like we are in West Africa. There is a noticeable change in economic conditions, and an audible increase in Islamic culture. Even the hotel we stayed in felt very West African!

It is good to see that they are actively building roads in this region, although there’s still some dirt sections which is making it fun.

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