Mind the baboons

Day 172… Sunday 10th September

Chatted to fellow guests an American couple Brad and Linda.  Their first trip to Africa.  Set off on a 3 and half hour drive north slightly inward from the lake as this was the better road to follow for part of the route.  Went through a windy mountain with plenty of baboons sitting by the roadside.  Our campsite Kings Highway was right on the lake with plenty of shady trees.  Very peaceful spot.  Stayed for 3 nights.

Allen’s perspective…

If they’re not trying to steal something from your car / table they’re sitting in the road all nonchalant whilst lorries and cars are whizzing past often at high speed. For additional fun they seemingly take pleasure in casually walking out in front of your car forcing us to brake. Now if only I had one of those fancy metal bumpers where I could hit anything and it wouldn’t matter 🤔

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