Days 173 – 174… Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th September

Tanzania E-visa has been denied but Allen’s has been approved. Followed up with a request as to the reason why but not expecting any response.  The plan is to try my luck at the border.

Allen’s perspective…

Over the last few years a number of African countries have introduced e-visas, which in theory is a great idea. Apply in advance, saving time and faff filling out forms at the border and requiring us to have large amounts of cash at hand. But lets not forget this is Africa so while we ensured to have detailed and accurate submissions we can only conclude that the denial of Rachael’s visa is either because of a technical fault, or more likely an attempt to extort more money, which in this instance is another $100.

In the meantime, since our alternator was replaced the engine warning light has gone out but the battery indicator light is still showing. I’ve been checking the battery voltage regularly whilst the engine is off and also running, with everything seemingly okay. So after chatting with my friend Mike I decided to take the airbox out to clean and check the connections on the alternator. Also another chance to see what interesting bugs the car has swallowed up whilst driving. Lets hope this little job does the trick.

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