Itinerant Brits in Gaborone

Days 234 – 24…1 Monday 13th November to Monday 20th November

Plenty of fuel stations available in the larger towns.  £1.08 per litre so a full tank of diesel is approximately £60 (970 Pula).  Drove to Mochudi where I was born and visited Deborah Relief Memorial Hospital established in 1932, one of the country’s earliest hospitals.  Stayed in a local guest house in Gaborone for one night.  Luxury after a few days in the bush. 

Dropped Rob off at the airport.  Got some phone data.  Visited Maru-a-Pula school where my mum and dad worked and lived there in the 1970’s.  Had a wonderful tour around by David Slater a retired teacher who knew my parents.

Two nights of camping on the outskirts of Gaborone.  Slightly rustic set-ups with no water available the second night and buckets of water were provided for us to wash.  The noise at night is mildly disturbing with dogs barking, roaming cattle with bells around their necks and donkeys braying.  Plenty of mosquitoes are getting into the tent and biting us.  There must be a small hole somewhere but not yet managed to discover it.

Gaborone is a small city with a sense of order where traffic lights are working, good road signage, very little traffic and no litter.  Booked into a self-catering cottage next to the Taung River with views across to South Africa.  Beautiful peaceful spot.  Croaking frogs and plenty of moths.  Met up with David, Alan, Margaret, Mike and Kerstin for breakfast on Sunday and then Dinner at Mike and Kerstin’s on Monday and we stayed for the night.   David and all – thank you for your wonderful hospitality during our time in Gaborone.  The cheese scones were delicious.

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