Heading south for some warmth

Day 100… Tuesday 11th July

Found a hot drink and cheese toasties in Springbok before traveling south along the N7 towards Cape Town.   A scenic drive down to our campsite Draiaihoek Plaas Kamp near Vredendal.  It was located on a working farm that produces grapes, raisins and sweet potatoes.  The owner was very friendly and gave us firewood for the Braai.  He also recommended a shop in town where we could get a replacement bulb for the headlight that had stopped working.  It can be a hefty fine from the police.  Our first experience of load-shedding in South Africa.  It really is quite strange when all the electricity gets switched off for 2 hours at a time. The robots (traffic lights) all go out and cars operate the first come first proceed rule at intersections.  The car repair shop we were in had no lights and they were unable to work the till – cash and no receipt had to do.  Greta reached a milestone today having covered 10,000 miles on this trip.

Allen’s perspective…

Wow… this place is even colder than the night before. The wind during the night thrashed the tent, causing poles to come loose, and us to feel like we were camping in the North Sea. Suffice to say that I woke up a bit grumpy and keen to leave for warmer pastures. I felt a little guilty though in passing on the hosts offer of a coffee as I was just keen to move on by this point, especially with what appeared to be a dust storm approaching.

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