Greta Goes East

Day 25… Wednesday 26th April

Essential items needed every day since arriving in Senegal:

  • Deet (50%).  The mosquitoes always seem to find a way to bite and I am covered.  Either the deet is faulty or the little critters have become immune to the stuff or perhaps just ignore it and bite anyway. 
  • Malaria tablet daily.  Local knowledge on the ground seems to be sceptical of this preventative method where it does not stop you getting it and if it is severe enough that you end of in hospital then it is difficult for medical staff to determine which type you have.
  • Torch at night – although the sky at night is stunning, finding your way to the wc is tricky.
  • Sunscreen – the sun is intense.  It has been 42 degrees Celsius today.
  • Drinking flasks that keep the water nice and cold. 

Scenic drive out of Foundiougne through flood plains (some completely dry and others full).  Road under construction so dirt road again with plenty of potholes.  Greta is at her best in these driving conditions.  According to local knowledge, Shell provides the best quality fuel and do not fill up anywhere else.  A fuel filter will be fitted tomorrow.  Drive time of around 4 hours.  Slow going through the larger villages where cars and lorries pull over to buy goods being sold at the side of the road, holding everyone up.  Each village seems to have its own produce to sell gathered from what is available nearby.  Nuts, salt, timber, hay, coal and fruit.  Our campsite had a lovely shady tree and we happily parked underneath.  The sun has been intense today and the radio screen started to melt.  On the plus side, the solar panels have fully charged the house battery – 1st time this trip.

Allen’s perspective…

Police checkpoints seem to be few and far between in Senegal, perhaps as an attempt to route out corruption in the ranks. Speed humps seem to be the preferred way of controlling speeding drivers which is fine with me.

Since my speeding fine in Morocco I’ve slowed right down and enjoying the pace, and scenario more.

But today I got pulled over by an officer, with his less than direct hand gesture. He slowly sauntered over to the car, first Rachael’s side, then realising, wandered around to my window. First the driving licence, then he asked me to follow him over to where his colleague is hiding under a tree next to their shiny new motorbikes. After a quick pleasantry he walks to the car (with me following) and dares to suggest that the roof top tent is an unsafe load. I suggested otherwise but he careful inspects every bolt. I promptly violently shake the tent and whole car, and which point he realises he’s not got a leg to stand on and lets me go. Greta is good to go once again!

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