Escape from Dakar

Day 24… Tuesday 25th April

Found a large supermarket where security was high.  We had 2 security guards standing next to Greta on our return.  I gave them some small change but still cannot decide if there is a crime problem here or they are interested in the vehicle or just after a tip.  It reminds me of South Africa!  We now had local currency so took the A1 toll road out of Dakar.  There were several toll booth stops on route but it was not expensive and a dream road of very few cars and a fast route.  Very pleased to be leaving this city.  Our route took us southeast on the A1/N1 through several rural villages selling fruit and nuts on the roadside.  Quite tricky in a right hand drive vehicle trying to overtake the slow commercial lorries (some of them overloaded and causing damage to the roads).   The R61 was still under construction so the diversion in place took us along a bumpy dirt road for several miles before going over a newly constructed river bridge (another toll).  Getting low on fuel but the fuel station we came across had run dry.  Priority tomorrow or we wont get very far.  Our campsite tonight was run by a chap who spoke very good English and had studied English.  He offered us a home cooked meal and we sat at the bar overlooking the river.  It was a popular place for locals who turned up on their mopeds.  Watched several fishing boats being loaded up.  Naturally it was a fish dinner – Barracuda, delicious!  Sadly it seems to be the end of western toilets ☹

Allen’s perspective…

Not much to say for today. The roads were pretty pleasant, and the campsite worked out well.

In trying to encourage myself to eat more fish though I finished dinner… except for the fish head. It still had the eyes in! I plucked out the eye on one so it wasn’t staring at me whilst I ate the rest of it. Surprisingly good!

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