Day 227… Monday 6th November

After 4 days, we had re-named this place ‘food and booze’.  Exceptional staff and service.  Just a few pounds heavier. A boat took us back to Gwabi River Lodge where Greta had been stored for 4 nights.  There are now 5 us of in the car plus luggage, wedding outfits and the wedding cake.  It was a squeeze but we managed.  Sydney had left his car at the hospital and then we drove in convoy over the mountain range to Kafue.  Sydney’s car was not happy going up the hills and came to a halt twice.  Greta had to push Sydney’s car a couple of times but his car finally overheated.  A lorry driver took pity and supplied water to cool the engine down.  The red triangles got to be used again.  Stopped for grilled maize and mangos and said our goodbyes to Sydney who was travelling north to Kabwe.  Headed west to Livingstone with Lonely and Rob.  One speeding fine on route (300 kwacha) at a dubious location where the speed sign is in the wrong place.  The police officer was pulling everyone over and fining us all.  Stopped for milkshakes at Coffeeberry and drinks/cash at Choma.  Finally got to Livingstone at 6.30pm having left the camp at 7am that morning.  Our apartment was spacious and clean with a friendly security guard. 

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