Early morning game drive

Day 163… Friday 1st September

Booked for an early game drive this morning (6am to 10am) into South Luangwa National Park.  Park fees at the entrance gate were 500KWA each, cash only.  National Park fees in Eastern Africa have hugely increased since COVID.  Stunning landscape with various mammals to be seen.  First sighting of a Kudu with their impressive spiral antlers.  A sleeping male hippo on the river bank had been kicked out of his group and had various scars on his face and body from all the fighting.  The new alternator arrived today and was fitted.  Extended our campsite stay for few nights as this place really does have the best views of the Luangwa River and all its wildlife.  Once the two noisy French families (one on either side of us) depart, it will be a peaceful spot!

Allen’s perspective…

Chatting to others on the road we are not alone with our regular vehicle woes. It seems to be a combination of mileage covered and bad road conditions just inevitably take their tole. Thankfully this was an easy problem to identify and fix. We ordered the part yesterday, arrived same day, and fitted super quick.

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