Blimmin baboons

Day 162… Thursday 31st August

Baboons really are a pest.  At 5am, a few decided to jump over our car and roof-top tent, squabbling and chasing each other.  There were a large group of baboons (around 200) running through the campsite with their noisy chatter and antics.  Wildlife camp really does live up to its name.  The walk to reception is 400m along a riverbank and you can only do this if it is safe.  Not advisable if there are elephants and walking this route at night is not allowed.  The campsite offers firewood for sale and has a bar/restaurant.  It also has a large vehicle workshop for all the game drive vehicles that need servicing.  Needless to say the mechanics assessed the problem and a new alternator will be arriving from Chipata tomorrow.  Chatted to David and Danielle from the Neverlands who had driven down from Europe over the last year.  Another braai with fabulous views of the Luangwa River, the blue supermoon and plenty of wildlife. 

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