Chaos at the junction

Day 222… Wednesday 1st November

After a long afternoon yesterday and drive back into the city, we booked into the Best Western hotel for the night.  Air-con, a comfortable bed and bath! At the intersection outside the hotel, the traffic lights were not working.  Got caught up in a complete jam with cars all bunched up and no space to manoeuvre.  A lot of drivers were out out of their cars and tempers were beginning to fray.  Of course no police tuned up to fix the jam and it was case of waiting patiently for a solution to present itself.  After 10 minutes, cars slowly began to unscramble themselves with the help of locals directing.  A lorry driver managed to rip off a car bumper from the vehicle behind us in all the calamity.  Just grateful there wasn’t any damage to Greta.  It took an hour to get out of Lusaka with all the crazy traffic and heat. 3 and half hours drive to the border with Zimbabwe.  Stayed at Gwabi River Lodge and camped in their extensive shady grounds next to the Kafue river.  Very hot day and not much cooler at night. 

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