Another chaotic African city… this time it’s Yaoundé

Day 67… Wednesday 7th June

Maize and plantain seem to be the main produce of Cameroon and we saw several cars/people loaded up with supplies.  It is a very common sight to see people carrying machetes to cut down timer, vegetation and fruit and then balance/carry it on their head.  Also seen ‘bushmeat’ for sale on the side of the road with sellers holding up large dead rats/ferrets/squirrels/something else unidentified by the tail.  I have not been tempted to buy any yet!  The roads are very quiet with hardly a passing car or lorry.  The roads are in fairly good condition between the larger towns and major capital ‘Yaoundé’.  Traffic heading into Yaoundé was bad.  Usual chaotic driving conditions.  Yellow taxis stopping to pick up/drop off customers and blocking the lanes.  Headed straight to the Democratic Republic of Congo embassy to apply for a tourist visa.  Handed a form to complete and told to come back tomorrow.  Our hotel had limited on-street parking available but the security guard found a space for Greta to squeeze into.  The local beer tonight was Kadji.

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