A run on the banks?

Day 60… Wednesday 31st May

Found a working ATM! The queues for ATM’s were long.  Is this just a normal problem with technology or an underlying issue with the economy?  17 police stops this morning but the heavy rain in the afternoon meant the road blocks and roads were empty.  Most officers wear military uniform but there is the occasional officer dressed casually and this look more suspect.  The road to Takum was in bad condition but quiet and we arrived early evening to our hotel.  Slightly rustic but very cheap (3,500 NRN/£6) and a good option given the ATM cash flow issues.  One huge spider was quickly chased out of the room with a broom.

Allen’s perspective…

The banks here are comical. Each one seems to have between 7 and up to 20 ATMs out front, but only ever one working and a security guard or two looking miserable, playing on their phones, and explaining how there’s no money.. At least we found one along the way in Katsina Ala which gave us some money.

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