A day in the mountains

Day 62… Friday 2nd June

The local mechanic arrived at 6.45am and Greta was fixed by 7.15am.  Spent the day sorting out the car, doing the laundry (handwashing) and enjoying the mountain views.  Very quiet and peaceful place with plenty of birds around.  Difficult to believe that this green landscape is Nigeria compared with the crazy chaos of Lagos and Benin city.  Had a tour around Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve ‘Forest of Bees’.  They have visitors from all over the world due to the plant species and conversation projects.  There was an unidentified animal moving around the vehicle during the night.  Actually quite disconcerting when the sound it makes is so strange.  It was a wheeze or a hiss.  Options considered were snake, bat, ferret or wild cat.  The noise then starting coming from the roof of Greta right next to the tent window.  Discovered it was a tiny owl with perhaps some kind of breathing problem as it was such a strange noise.  However, quite a relief to know we weren’t in any danger! 

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